Golden Years News is a locally owned and operated senior magazine in Jacksonville, FL. For over 20 years, Golden Years News has published articles and information specific to seniors. Furthermore, advocating an active and healthy lifestyle among its readers, Golden Years News celebrates and promotes senior living. That is a very important part of the message and motto associated with the magazine. Another essential principle of the magazine is maintaining a connection with the readers and the community.

One way this is done is by showcasing a section called “The Senior(s) Of The Season”. This section highlights an individual/individuals in the community that have a story to tell. In fact, whether an aspect of their life that shaped who they are or how they volunteer every other weekend, Golden Years News is eager to hear about it and include it within the magazine. Of course, this section isn’t the only place to share about seniors in the community. Golden Years News wants to help be a voice for seniors and provide an avenue for them to connect with each other.

To Our Future Advertiser

We entered the publishing market feeling there was a need for a magazine and website specifically targeted to the most affluent audience within Florida; seniors! And that segment of the market is over 50 years of age, typically have a yearly income of over $100,000 and most importantly, they are enjoying the newest chapter in their lives.

Furthermore, we are now realizing the potential of the affluent market, and are now bursting at the seams.  Just think, 65 million people over the age of 50, all with yearly incomes of $100,000 or more, and are you ready for a shock,  $800 billion to spend and invest after taxes!

Today’s marketers spend millions in advertising and often forget this mature and savvy audience. People over 50 love to spend money, and spend they do! Get this: in the travel industry alone the over 50 market accounts for 34% of all overseas packages, 70% of all motor-coach purchases, 70% of all cruise ship travel sales. This is one of the largest segments of the American market! Therefore with this in mind, can your business afford to pass it up? We distribute the magazine to Senior Centers, libraries, pharmacies, restaurants, Daily’s, local businesses, CVS, Doctors’ offices, grocery stores and more!

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