Golden Years News has been a FREE publication for many years due to our wonderful advertisers. Strangely enough, not everyone sees the importance of appealing to the senior market. As a result, many advertisers pigeonhole their opportunities and shut off a very robust, evergrowing demographic. When an advertiser can look at their product’s audience at a wider range, then they can see the advantage of addressing a fruitful market.

Our advertisers have seen the advantage, and want to directly address our dedicated readers. In addition, they believe what Golden Years News stands for and what it strives to be. We can not thank them enough for fueling the magazine and realizing that seniors matter too! Not only do seniors have needs, but they don’t want to be left to only “senior appropriate” services. For instance, our advertisers each offer a unique service, such as Don’t Slip, AND a story. In truth, they just want to share with our readers. From information to entertainment, our advertisers are certainly part of the Golden Years News family.

We are honored to have them as part of the magazine and hope you take the time to explore what they have to offer!


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