Has it been a year already? Seems like only yesterday I was sending out my first emergency planning email.   This year has been amazing!  I have met so many people that have enriched my life.   I’ve gotten to know people well enough that I have been able to connect people together, which has been a fun puzzle for me. 

I have learned so much about insurance, selling houses, managing property, caring for the aging, and the wonderful safety net of non-profits that I feel like I’m back in college.  Not only have I been a student this year, but I have been able to teach.  I’ve been so happy that I can share what I am learning about emergency planning and restoration with all of you.  I love gathering the information I share with you.  I love speaking in front of your offices and groups to explain more about what water, fire, mold, or bio-hazard restoration is.  If Donna or I have not made it to speak at your office or group yet, please email or call us and we will set it up.  

The other amazing thing that happened this year was Donna Peeler moved to Jacksonville from St Louis, and I am so happy she ended up at PuroClean Emergency Services.  Donna is a woman with excitement and a sincere desire to help people.  Now that The Donna and Heidi team are together, I don’t think anything is going to stop us.  We have a new mission for 2020. 

Donna and Heidi are here for you as your Emergency Management Coaches. 
It takes about an hour to sit down with us and determine a plan for when an emergency situation arises in your commercial space, everyone who is in your building will know what to do.  This can reduce the amount of remediation time, cost, and downtime. 

 For example, just knowing where the water shut off is, and if there is a key could be the difference between a 100-gallon flood and a 10,000-gallon flood.  By the way, if you don’t know where your water shut off is, and if there is a key, find out now.  Then find your electrical shut off and if there is a key.  Note it somewhere you can find it in a hurry.  Then call me for an Emergency Management Plan Appointment.  We will sit down and write clear instructions and attach pictures.  We will cover all the procedures needed in case of fire, water event, or hurricane. 

If you would like to come up with other emergency scenarios, we can add these plans too.  Once we are done, you will have a digital and printed copy of the plan.  Donna and I can even meet with you and your management staff to make sure everyone understands how to use the plan.  You can make updates to the plan at any time. We will make sure to meet with you once a year to discuss and update your emergency strategies. 

We are finding a lot of commercial properties don’t have an emergency plan in writing.  Having a plan in writing can save you or the insurance company money in the event of a loss.  More importantly, it will reduce stress by increasing your control of the situation and having the peace of mind knowing you have a quality restoration company coming to your aide with the intent to get you back in business quickly. 

If you own a commercial building, belong to a church, run maintenance in a large facility, retail stores, or assisted living, and don’t have an Emergency Management Plan written down, please call me at 904-333-8879.  You can also reply to this email.  This is a FREE Service.  Donna and I are very excited to be able to help as your Emergency Planning Coaches!   

For those who want to have an Emergency Management Plan for your home, I am hoping to do a workshop sometime next year so that you can also have a digital plan at home.  HOMEOWNERS,  don’t wait for my workshop to help you find your water and power shut off.  Find where that is today!  Then make sure to keep an eye out for my announcement. 

The holidays are a time for joy and happiness for many. Sadly the holidays are a time that suicide rates increase.  If you know or meet someone who is struggling, please use this resource. 

Mercy Support Services exists to help get the right help to the people in need.  https://mercysupportservices.org/

Maybe you know someone having suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, or just needing someone to talk to.  It could be someone having financial issues leading to problems with homelessness or having food on the table.  Or it could be your elderly neighbor that needs help with chores, or basic skills.  Whatever their needs may be, Mercy Support Services is here to connect people with those who can help.           904-297-4052

In the one minute I heard Jackie Green speak I knew she was an inspiring motivator.  Jackie prides herself in the success with speaking with teens.  If your teen could use a positive adult, whom they can trust to speak with, please reach out to Jackie with the Florida Department of Children and Families. 904-485-9595 jacquelyn.green@myflfamilies.com or online www.myflflamilies.com
This December I am focused on holiday safety.  To make it easier I have copied and pasted the attached article below.  If you want to share the information this link is to the PDF with all the pretty graphics and pictures.  😊
Information Please 411 Be Fire Smart During the Holiday Season VOL.  19 NO.  11
The holiday season is just around the corner! Christmas trees, along with their decorations and lights, play a big part during the joyous holiday season.  Unfortunately, they don’t come without a fire risk. Christmas tree fires aren’t very common, but when they occur, they are much more likely to be deadly than most other fires.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2013-2017, an average of 160 home fires per year started with Christmas trees.  These fires caused an average of three deaths, 15 injuries, and $10 million in direct property damage annually.  What’s more, electrical failures and malfunctions account for almost two-thirds of the fires started by holiday lights.  In addition, candles are about four times more likely to lead to a fire during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

To help you prevent Christmas tree fires this holiday, keep in mind the following safety guidelines:

Christmas Trees
• Compared to real trees, artificial trees are more resistant to fires.  So, choose an artificial tree if you want to be safer this holiday.  But make sure to purchase a “flame resistant” type.  This label doesn’t make the tree immune to fire, but if a fire occurs, it will burn slowly, giving you more time to extinguish it.

• If you opt for a real tree, look for fresh trees with green needles that do not fall off when touched.  If your tree is about six feet tall, add about one gallon of water to the tree stand daily.  That helps to improve its resistance to fire.  Also, cut two inches from the base of the trunk before placing it in the stand.  This allows the tree to better absorb water.

• Place your tree at least three feet away from heat sources such as space heaters, candles, and fireplaces.  The tree should not block any exit, as well.
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2013–2017, an average of 160 home fires per year started with Christmas trees.

• Choose decorations that are flame retardant.  Also, never use lit candles to decorate a Christmas tree!

• When going to bed or leaving home, turn off the tree lights.

• Take your Christmas tree down after the holidays to minimize fire risks.  Most trees start to dry out after one month, regardless of how much you water them.  Also, since dried-out trees are a fire danger, don’t leave them in the home or garage, or placed outside against the house.  To properly dispose of a natural tree, recycle it.
Find a recycling program in your local community.

Holiday LED Lights
• Never use electric lights to decorate a metallic tree.  If there are any faulty lights, the tree can become charged with electricity, which can cause a fire or electric shock.

• Make sure your indoor or outdoor lights are tested by a qualified testing laboratory, such as Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).

• Always inspect your indoor and outdoor lights before putting them up.  Check for frayed wiring, loose connections, cracked sockets, and broken bulbs.  Throw away strands of lights that are too damaged to be salvaged.

• Never plug more than three standard-sized sets of lights into one extension cord.  This prevents the cord from overheating and possibly starting a fire.

• Plug indoor lights into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for increased safety.  For outdoor lights, use UL-rated extension cords designed for outdoor use.

• Fasten outdoor lights to trees, gutters or other parts of the home securely.  However, keep lights and decorations away from windows and doors to reduce the chance of damaging them.  Also, never staple or use nails to hang lights — this can damage the wiring.  Use roof clips or insulated staples instead.

• Take the lights down within 90 days to prevent them from being damaged by weather or chewed on by squirrels.

Other Fire Safety Tips
• Cooking — Unattended cooking is the main cause of kitchen fires.  Always stay in the kitchen when you’re cooking.  If a pan catches on fire, never pour water on it, as this may cause burning oil to splash and cause injuries.

• Candles — Use battery-operated candles instead of flame candles.  If you use real candles, keep them in secure holders at least one foot away from anything else.  Put out candle flames when leaving home or going to bed.

• Fireplaces — Have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional.  Place a protective screen around the fireplace to prevent embers from popping out onto flammable materials.

• Matches and lighters — Keep then away from children’s reach and sight.

• Smoking — Ask smokers to smoke outside and take smoking materials with them so that kids won’t touch them.  Provide large ashtrays for smokers.

• Fire Extinguishers — Keep a fire extinguisher that is rated for all types of fires on all levels of the home.

• Smoke Alarms — Make sure your smoke alarms are working and test them monthly.  Replace batteries before and after the holiday season.

Even with all the proper measures in place, fires can still occur.  When disaster strikes, call a professional restoration company, such as PuroClean Emergency Services.  We can help restore your fire or smoke-damaged property to pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently.

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