Safe, indoor activities you can do while maintaining social distancing during COVID-19

  • Learn a new language.

There are many options when it comes to what platform you want to use to learn a new language. We have a personal preference to learn Spanish in Spanish is Easy with Professor Novi Suarez, MBE, MAT in Spanish. There are online sites such as that offer various Spanish courses according to your level and interests. Choose and let Babbel guide you through one or many of the following: Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, advanced courses. You can also utilize apps on your phone such as Duolingo which offers an array of choices as seen below.

It also features some social media tie ins so you and your friends can stay in touch and keep track of each other’s progress.

  • Make a movie!

  • Start a garden

Our recent Youtube subscription was an easy choice. Local gardener Jim Bob has been uploading his tips, tricks, and green thumb insight for over a year now and we love it! With more time on our hands and importance for self-sufficiency, starting your own garden seems like a great option to not only kill some time but add value to your well being. Fresh fruits and veggies are always a plus for daily intake. Not to mention, the time, love and dedication you put in will only make the end result taste even better!

  • Cook!

You grabbed what you could from the store, have watched plenty of the Cooking Channel, and have an ongoing inner dialogue with Chef Gordon Ramsey. Your three and a half go-to meals have lost a bit of the luster after a week so your confidence in trying something new is a bit low. Well, have no fear! Take a virtual cooking class! Local food reviewers Jax Restaurant Reviews have teamed up with various chefs to have online classes covering different dishes. They even have it so ingredients you need can be delivered by Shelf To Curb, Jacksonville’s only local grocery delivery service. On the flip side, you can opt to use what you have and schedule a class with Chef Walter of Chef Of The World. Chef Walter is doing one on one sessions showing you what you can make with what you have. How cool!

  • Take a virtual trip: Museums, monuments and more!

Modern problems call for modern solutions. With vacations canceled, weddings postponed, and even local museums taking a hit we have to turn to technology to give us a glimpse of the outside world…beyond our front yard and supermarket. The St.Augustine Lighthouse is doing virtual tours!


Ask an Expert

  • Every Monday at 2 PM: Learn about Lighthouse Keeping, Exhibits, Archaeology, and other Museum topics.
  • April 13, April 20, April 27 and other dates TBA. Please follow us on social media to view these programs.

Behind the Scenes

  • Every Wednesday at 2 PM: Learn about Lighthouse Keeping, Conservation, Exhibit Making, and more.
  • April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29 and other dates TBA. Please follow us on social media to view these programs.

Mission Accomplished

  • Every Thursday at 10 AM: Learn about aspects within the Museum Mission.
  • April 9: Discover – Finding and Excavating a Shipwreck
  • April 16: Preserve – Conserving Artifacts
  • April 23: Present – Making an Exhibit
  • April 30: Keep-Alive: WRECKED at home! Family Activities to do using household items.

MOSH has rolled out their Mosh Connect initiative. Stating, MOSH Connect is our first digital endeavor into bringing our engaging educational Museum experience to the home. MOSH Connect launches April 1 and will utilize recorded video content, step-by-step at-home science and history lessons, and opportunities to interact live with our Educators during online live sessions (coming soon).

Live Wildlife and Aquarium Streams: