Here is a quick video we put together while attending the Ms. Senior/Diva 2018 pageant. It was an amazing and inspiring event that left us wanting more. Each lady, though competing against each other, had a supportive, family bond with one another. Therefore, they were able to learn from each other. Strengths, weaknesses, the ups and downs. They shared the struggles they endured and raised each other for their successes. If you or someone you know is interested in competing in or attending the Ms. Senior/Ms. Diva of Jacksonville pageant, go here or here for more information!

The pageant is run by Kenyonn Demps and she has this to say: “Research shows that as women age, they feel under-valued, lack empowerment, feel depressed and overall lack confidence and self-worth. Ms. Senior Jacksonville is an opportunity for our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and associates to be recognized, feel valued, beautiful, and empowered as “special” ladies in our senior citizen community.”

Golden Years News stands behind Kenyonn and all she has done for these strong women. Her belief in showing value in seniors’ lives is the very thing Golden Years News advocates. Too often seniors are thought of as worthless by others, but mostly from themselves. Ms. Senior/Diva gives senior women a reminder of their value, what they’ve accomplished, and what they can continue to do! The pageant provides a platform for these women to spread a powerful message to other senior women and beyond.