Ms Senior/Diva Pageant 2019

A Seasoned Affair, Inc. gathered 9 senior women to compete in the Ms Senior/ Ms Diva 2019 pageant. These ladies put everything on the table and tapped into a strength they have always had through out the years. As always, A Seasoned Affair owner Kenyonn Demps and her amazing crew put on a wonderful pageant. We hope you enjoy the video and spread the word. Kenyonn is already gearing up for next year, so if you know a senior lady that can shine in front of hundreds of people, do not wait. Get them on one of the informal conference calls.

Posted by Golden Years News on Friday, August 9, 2019
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We had the privilege of attending the Ms Senior/Diva 2019 pageant and again, were blown away! There is no other event in Jacksonville that empower senior women like this event. Through her hard work and dedication, founder Kenyonn Demps pushes back against the closed-minded idea of aging and being labeled as a senior. She believes in the same ideology as we do here at Golden Years News; seniors are still enjoying life and are actively contributing to our community!

Golden Years News stands behind Kenyonn and all she has done for these strong women. Too often seniors are thought of as worthless by others, but mostly from themselves. Ms. Senior/Diva gives senior women a reminder of their value, what they’ve accomplished, and what they can continue to do! This exclusively senior pageant provides a platform for women to spread a powerful message to other senior women and beyond.

Research shows that as women age, they feel under-valued, lack empowerment, feel depressed and overall lack confidence and self-worth. Ms. Senior Jacksonville is an opportunity for our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and associates to be recognized, feel valued, beautiful, and empowered as “special” ladies in our senior citizen community.”

Kenyonn Demps, founder and CEO of A Seasoned Affair

We conducted an interview with Ms Senior Jacksonville 2019 winner Brenda Griffin which can be found in our Volume 6 Issue 5. Be on the lookout for our interview with Ms Senior Diva Lynette Hipsher.

Article from News4Jax about the Ms Senior Jacksonville Pageant 2019

If you or someone you know is interested in competing in or attending the Ms. Senior/Ms. Diva of Jacksonville pageant, go here or here for more information!