Scary Clean-up

Since it is October and Halloween is coming, I thought I would write about the scariest thing I can think of.  You can’t see it, and it just hovers around.  Other people notice it right away, and sometimes if we live with it long enough, we become immune to its presence.  How it was invited in isn’t usually much of a mystery, but how to get it to leave is an impossible task for most.   I’m talking about bad odors.  The kind that continues to haunt us.

We may love our pets, but the accidents on the rug, body oils, and dander can create a smell that doesn’t go away.  Sometimes odors can stick around because of the food we are cooking…or burning.  Maybe you started a small kitchen fire.  How do you even start to clean that up?   Have you ever had a bathroom that no matter how well you cleaned, it still smelled like urine?  I rented an apartment with a bathroom like that.  What a nightmare! A home that has had an occupant who smoked inside will continue to hold an odor.  On another scary topic, mold also causes an odor.  All these examples of bad smells are just not going away until it is cleaned properly.

4 Principles of Deodorization

This month my article is about the 4 principles of deodorization.   PuroClean Emergency Services is happy to come to the rescue like Ghostbusters and save you from the evil smell monster.   Learn how we can clean up these smells  here 

Cigarette Smoke and Painting

I went to Google to see what people are saying about painting walls that are tobacco stained.   Talk about scary misinformation!   Some of it was from contractors.   Beware of those who say you can just apply a coat of Kilz and you are good.  Call PuroClean to exercise that cigarette smell demon so it never returns.


My local spotlight this month covers another scary topic.  What if someone nearby stopped breathing or was having a heart attack?  What if that person was someone you loved?  Would you have the knowledge to know how to help them?  Would you like to have that knowledge?  Do you also like supporting your local animal shelter? 

Vicky Connell has developed a CPR class for those limited on time and who don’t need to have the paper certification but would like to learn how to save a life. Which means, no test! I have done this class with her. It only takes an hour and a half, and I feel the peace of mind from the information I gained was worth more than what I paid. Even more awesome is that she is donating $10 from each registration to Clay Humane. You can book a minimum of 4 people and have a little CPR party at your home or get 15 of your coworkers together.

Vicky is retiring at the end of the year and she is on a mission to teach as many people these life-saving tips before she does. All classes must be scheduled before Dec 31.  If you would like to book a class you can contact Vicky at 904-707-8469 or Everything you need to know to plan your own event is on this flyer here.

If you would like to come learn CPR with PuroClean on November 5 at 6:30PM we will be hosting Vicky at our office on 4737 Dellwood Ave. You can buy your ticket here.    She lists all her available classes on this page some make sure to choose the noncertification PuroClean Event.

Have a safe and fun Halloween Season!

Heidi Aderman 
PuroClean Emergency Services

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