A Reason For The Season

“But how could you live and have no story to tell?”
― Fyodor Dostoevsky, White Nights

The Senior(s) of the Season was one of the first things we decided to add to the magazine. From events to visiting various assisted living communities like Osprey Village and Allegro, or the many senior centers around Jacksonville, this section became a necessity as we met more and more seniors. Each had already lived a full life and while they had plenty of stories to tell, they were still living; adding to their story. From great feats to simply having a wholesome life, these stories embodied these people. Therefore as a means to highlight their lives and share what they have been through, lessons they’ve learned, and what they continuing to do, we added this section.

There is something powerful about sharing a story. The connection you can make while placing yourself in the world the storyteller paints for you can be quite moving. With as many stories there are out there, we want to be a place to share them. Apart from highlighting one individual in the magazine, we invite you to check out the “Tales of Gold” section where we will be uploading an audio story told by different seniors across Jacksonville. With this, we hope to play some small role in immortalizing their lives and what they have accomplished. We must always respect the ones that came before us and learn as much as we can.

Ralph & Evelyn Eager, 25th Anniversary Issue​
Ronald Thompson, Spring Volume 1 Issue 1
Sollie Mitchell, Spring Volume 1 Issue 2
Max Zahn, Summer 2018
Hannah Gavronsky, Fall 2018
Sandra Balestracci, Winter 2019
Skip The Balloon Guy, Fall 2019
Ernie Cohen, Volume 6 Issue 5