Virtual Vitality

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Virtual Reality provides the unique experience of immersing a user into a completely 360-degree space. Taking the individual, suited with VR goggles, to places of this world and out of it. While words do not truly justify what you feel during VR, consider what inspired you as a kid. For many, it was imagination. That isn’t to say that nowadays it is gone but the grasp, emotions, and fun aren’t quite the same. What we used to imagine, can now be materialized before our eyes. Not only that, with the use of an intuitive controller, someone can manipulate what would otherwise be a dream-like fantasy.

Not limited to just a magazine, Golden Years News is more. There is a strong, growing online fan base and a want to provide quality content to readers on numerous platforms. Furthermore, there is a closeness with the senior market. So, giving new and views about the best 50 years and beyond is always a goal. While looking for stories, a continued issue seen is the lack of mobility as well as, worst of all, Alzheimer’s/Dementia. That is why we are excited to report, VR Gaming bringing Virtual Reality to the senior community.

Arbor Terrace resident trying Virtual Realityarbor terrace virtual reality vr virtual vitality

Residents at Arbor Terrace enjoying the wonder that is VR

How does VR help?

While in the early stages, scientists are beginning to see overwhelmingly positive effects of VR on seniors, specifically their memory. By using a method called reminiscent therapy, patients with Alzheimer’s/Dementia are able to recall on memories “locked” within them. These seniors are very much “in the moment”. And with something as revolutionary as virtual reality, the possibilities seem endless. From transporting them to the home they grew up in, piloting a plane they used to fly, or even exploring the depths of the sea, there are visible signs of the impact it has. In a way, they are being brought back to their loved ones as they once were; revitalized.

Arbor Terrace resident virtual reality underwater jelly fish virtual vitality

Continuing to showcase and work on an open to the public event, VR Gaming demonstrated the importance of virtual reality at the Brookdale Mandarin facility. Previously, Golden Years was given the opportunity to join them for their casino night which was a ton of fun! Residents and staff got together for a fancy affair in Brookdale’s main lobby where blackjack, roulette and more were played. There were even had slot machines! In the spirit of having fun and seeing how VR could benefit their residents, Brookdale let VR Gaming set up. And the experiences were fantastic.

Brookdale mandarin virtual reality underwater virtual vitality Brookdale mandarin virtual reality underwater virtual vitality

VR Gaming owner, Barry Pakenham, assisting with an underwater experience

Final Thoughts

Golden Years News has no doubt in the future of Virtual Reality and how it can continuously affect seniors in a positive way. From boosting morale and allowing them to enjoy youthful activities, VR has it. Even the more serious endeavor of unlocking parts of Dementia patients’ minds. As a result, progress towards a better way to live and trying to bring back pieces of their memories; Virtual Vitality is the future. Though in the early phases, Barry has discussed another avenue for VR within the medical field that is still prominent to dementia patients, virtual dementia tours.

What would normally be a physical application of sensory training, but truly lacking the virtual aspect, VDT would be transformed into the virtual plane. Some equipment may still need to be utilized, but within the VR space, more situations can be simulated in an instant thus providing more in-depth training to staff and officers. Even family members can experience this training, creating a better understanding of what their loved one is going through.

Virtual Reality isn’t a cure, but from the studies, appears to be opening up a new path for seniors that would have been overlooked. Golden Years News is proud of VR Gaming for stepping up and offering this service to seniors. If you or a facility you know may be interested in providing a unique, one of a kind experience please don’t hesitate to reach out to Barry at VR Gaming to schedule a session for your residents!

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